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Fasting insulin and risk of cerebral infarction in a Japanese general population: The Jichi Medical School Cohort Study [2013] - 165KB
by Y Kaneda, S Ishikawa, A Sadakane, T Goto, K Kayaba, Y Yasuda, E Kajii
Objective: We investigated the relation between fasting insulin (FI) and risk of cerebral infarction in a Japanese general population. Methods: The subjects were 2,610 men and women without past histo...

Association of serum uric acid level with ischemic stroke, stroke subtypes and clinical outcome [2013] - 417KB
by R Koppula, S Kaul, A Venkateswar Rao, A Jyothy, A Munshi
Background and Objective: Uric acid is a neuroprotective agent. However, its relationship with ischaemic stroke remains controversial. We analyzed the association between serum uric acid and ischemic ...

Evaluation of time-dependent pathways in an acute ischemic stroke protocol that incorporates CT perfusion: A tertiary referral center experience [2013] - 367KB
by H Hashim, R Hassan, S Sharis, S Azmin, R Remli, SA Mukari, N Yahya, HJ Tan, NM Ibrahim, MS Ismail, S Muda, R Sahathevan, on behalf of Kuala Lumpur Regionalised Intergrated Stroke Intervention Strategy (KRISIS)
Background and Objective: Intravenous thrombolysis service for stroke was introduced at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (UKMMC) in 2009, based on the recommendations of a multidiscip...

Only certain aspects of knowledge have impact on attitudes toward epilepsy [2013] - 186KB
by KS Lim, MCM Wo, SAB Ahmad, CT Tan, Malaysian Society of Epilepsy research group
Introduction: None of the identified studies employed quantitative scales correlating the knowledge and attitudes toward epilepsy. Method: This study aimed to study the relationship between the knowle...

Use of the Pill Questionnaire to detect cognitive deficits and assess their impact on daily life in patients with Parkinson’s disease [2013] - 961KB
by JS Kim, JM Kim, HJ Kim, JY Yun, BS Jeon
The Pill Questionnaire (PillQ) has been proposed as a simple way to evaluate cognitive deficits and their impact on the daily lives of those with Parkinson’s disease (PD) by asking patients or careg...

The comparison of personality types in patients with vascular headache and tension-type headache [2013] - 177KB
by N Mokhber, AR Ardani, NY Beglar, F Akbarzadeh
Objective: This is a study to evaluate the personality types based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in patients with chronic vascular or tension-type headache. Methods: This was a cross-sectional...

Prevalence of multiple sclerosis and environmental factors in Kerman province, Iran [2013] - 435KB
by HA Ebrahimi, B Sedighi
Objective: In this study we investigated the epidemiology of MS and some related environmental factors in Kerman province, southeastern Iran. Methods: The MS diagnosis was based on the revised Mc-Dona...

Associations of MRI-lesions and clinical features with disability in Chinese patients with multiple sclerosis [2013] - 197KB
by XJ Cheng, Q Cheng, L Miao, ZL Guo, YT Guan, ZG Liu, X Wang, XJ Sun, ZX Zhao, YJ Song, XY Ding, SD Chen, GX Jiang, S Fredrikson
Objective: To analyze associations of MRI-lesions and clinical features with disability in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) in Shanghai, China. Methods: We studied patients with MS, identified fr...

Myelotomy suppresses autophagic marker LC3-II expression and elevates mTORC1 expression and improves neurological function recovery in rats with spinal cord injury [2013] - 263KB
by D Yang, J Li, R Gu, A Hu, M Yang, L Du, X Zhang, W Sun, F Gao, Y Wu, J He, Y Feng, H Chu
Although previous studies have shown functional efficacy of myelotomy for the treatment of spinal cord injury (SCI), the underlying mechanism remained unknown. This study aimed to determine the relati...

Seizures in a young child following mydriatic eye drops [2013] - 143KB
by JJM Wong, CT Choong, YLF Ling, CL Chen
Cyclopentolate, proparacaine, tropicamide and phenylephrine eye drops are frequently used for ophthalmological examinations. We report a young child who developed a generalised tonic clonic seizure on...

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