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Predicting mortality rate with ICH score in Thai intracerebral hemorrhage patients [2013] - 175KB
by S Muengtaweepongsa, B Seamhan
Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) constitutes 10% to 15% of all stroke patients. ICH score is a simple tool for outcome prediction for intracerebral hemorrhage patients. The score consists of 5 character...

Impact of glibenclamide versus Insulin on neurological and functional outcomes of hemorrhagic stroke in diabetic patients [2013] - 158KB
by K Ghasami, MR Rezvanfar, F Faraji, A Mohammadbeigi, M Rafiee
Background & Objective: Stroke is one of the common leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Diabetes is one of the modifiable risk factors of stroke which is related to a higher mortality...

Extracranial carotid stenosis after radiotherapy in nasopharyngeal carcinoma, a Malaysian study [2013] - 254KB
by SML Tai, M Niyaz, C Guan, GK Govindasamy, CT Tan
Background and objectives: Radiation treatment in nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) is known to be associated with increased prevalence of carotid stenosis. The objectives of the study was to determine t...

Usefulness of CEA and CA19-9 for detecting a previously undiagnosed cancer in patients with acute ischemic stroke [2013] - 669KB
by A Hiraga, I Kamitsukasa, S Nasu, S Kuwabara
Background: Ischemic stroke can occur in patients with an underlying or undiagnosed malignancy. We aim to report the clinical features of ischemic stroke patients in whom a previously undiagnosed canc...

Assessment of antiepileptic drugs usage in a South Indian tertiary care teaching hospital [2013] - 712KB
by J Sebastian, R Adepu, BS Keshava, S Harsha
A prospective observational study was conducted to assess the antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) usage, drug related problems and medication adherence behavior among enrolled epileptic patients in a South Ind...

Intravenous levetiracetam treatment in Thai adults with status epilepticus [2013] - 215KB
by S Thongplew, S Chawsamtong, K Sawanyawisuth, S Tiamkao, Integrated Epilepsy Research Group, Khon Kaen University
Background: The clinical data for intravenous levetiracetam in status epilepticus is limited particularly in the Asian populations. This study aimed to review the clinical use, efficacy, and outcomes ...

The spectrum of elderly myopathies in an Asian population [2013] - 136KB
by S Ng, KT Wong, KJ Goh
Myopathies, although presenting more commonly in the younger age group, can occur and contribute significantly to disability in the elderly. To describe the spectrum of elderly myopathies, we reviewed...

Mismatch negativity in chronic tension-type headache with and without medication-overuse [2013] - 190KB
by J Zhang, S Xu, H Chai, W Chen, Y Xu, W Chen, W Wang
Background: It is unknown if medication-overuse headache, clinically similar to chronic tension-type headache, has pre-attentive problems which may be related to pain or substance abuse. Methods: Audi...

Multiple sclerosis in a series of Sri Lankan patients [2013] - 190KB
by R Gamage, PN Weeratunga, HPMC Caldera, IK Gooneratne, PH Dissanayake, P Gamage, WSP Perera
Background and Objectives: Studies on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in Asian populations reveal that the clinical and profile of MS is different from the classical prototypic MS described in the West. This ...

Intracerebroventricular administrations of angiotensin IV (Ang IV) ameliorate cognitive disorder in diabetic rats [2013] - 920KB
by HM Du, BL Niu, KX Zhao, J Li, Q Xiao
Cognitive impairment is a common complication of diabetes. Hippocampus plays an important role in cognitive function. In hyperglycemia, synaptophysin, a crucial synaptic vesicle membrane protein in hi...

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